The good news is that the suitcase, which managed to miss my flight from Paris to Marseilles, made it here yesterday. But (the bad news) it didn't make it until 8 p.m. local time and I was stuck in the apartment waiting for it. A  late, light supper on the pretty Cours Mirabeau and to bed at 11. With only a couple of wake-breaks of a few minutes each I slept until 11 this morning, so hope the worst of the jet lag is behind me.

Awoke, plodded to the shower to discover there was no hot water. I contacted the owner via email and she replied with a few helpful hints. Nothing worked, so a call by her to the service company for a visit. Unfortunately today tomorrow and Thursday are a holidays in France (Victory in Europe Day which used to be celebrated in the USA as V-E Day) so getting someone to show up unlikely until Friday. Fortunately I have a fresh can of deodorant with me. A warm sponge bath made me feel at least partially civilized, so dressed and ready to go out. Taking the camera so maybe a photo or two later today.

Happily my home phone number works here, as ling as my phone can see wifi, which it does reliably in the room. Unhappily I can't use it to call local numbers, e.g., to report problems. There is a land line in the apartment that seems to work, however. Oh well, the adventure continues.