After spending an hour writing, I lost this - maybe clicked Cancel instead of Save. So will be brief this time, and possibly fill in tomorrow.

The morning started with an abortive attempt to get on an area tour, which was supposed to leave at 9:30 but was canceled. Had the usual croissant and café au lait breakfast at a sort of fast-croissant place in a newish shopping plaza near the Tourism Center. Afterwards, walked a little until the wind got to me.



Le Mistral is a weather phenomenon wherein air masses from the north blow south over the French Alps, losing moisture and heat on their rush to the sunny Mediterranean. It's hated and feared by many when it occurs in the winter and early spring. It does cause a chill, however, even at this late date, so I went back to the room to warm up.

Ventured out around 1 to find lunch and was beset by the detritus from the trees (and the continuing Mistral), included in yesterday's photos. In addition to the seed carriers there are small bits of something that resemble in look and feel a sharp needle around 8-10mm long. With all the junk in the air my eyes were watering, nose running, sneezing and all in all a really bad allergy attack. (The word for tissue is mouchiere if you need to know: pack of ten for € 0.50.)

Back in the room to read and take a nap, then out for super around 6. Walked around and found a "pizzeria" that was cozy with shared tables. My table mates were a 40-ish man from Vancouver and his mother. Had a nice dish of spaghetti with pesto and chocolate crèpes for dessert. Home around 9 to write, then rewrite, for today.

Not many photos today, I'm afraid.