I'd picked ip a slight cold, I think, and along with the ravages of the pollen I decided not to push myself today. It seems to have helped, as I feel some better this evening. Skipped breakfast, but lunched at a repeat restaurant called Terminus at the west end of the Cours - a quite-large salad called, inexplicably "Brick". Lots of stuff including some roasted vegetables and slices of the cheese-filled baked crèpe I've mentioned before.

Back to the room for a rest, then out again around 4 to try and book a couple of bus tours I'd read about. Struck out because one of them would likely be effected more by the Mistral, still a commanding force today (but forecast to lessen Tuesday), and the other was booked solid for Tuesday. The latter was to Marseilles and Cassis on the coast. Cassis had been highly recommended, and I will get there one way or another,

After leaving the Tourism Center, I walked to the "Gare Routière" where one catches busses to other towns.There  I met a couple of US college kids who are spending a semester in Marseilles and they said although Marseilles has a rep for being a little rough, they haven't had a bit of trouble. So I think I'll just take a bus there and see what I can see. The kids said Cassis was a bus ride away and not to be missed, so more motivation there. See how I feel tomorrow.

Observation: About 75% of the cars one sees on the streets here are never seen in the US. That includes French marques like Citroën (which was never sold in the US), Peugeot and Renault, (which were sold in the US decades ago). It also includes many models of familiar makes that are not sold here like a diesel BMW 5-series, a couple of Mercedes "A Class" machines that hardly looked like M-B's. One of these, an A170, was a small minivan about the size of the pre-2001 Honda Odussey, and shaped like a dust-buster. Many of the cars are small. Really small. One I noticed was even smaller that the mis-named "Smart" from M-B. Was amused by a huge Maserati with grand prix exhaust tones plodding along behind something smaller than a Mini Cooper at about 2 mph though some back streets. Also saw a large Benz circling the block looking to park. Good luck with that!

Au revior!