Had a good night's sleep, and arose, dressed and went foraging for breakfast. An old standby from my first day here was just putting out a sinful-looking sweet pastry, sort of a croissant, but rectangular, and containing a delicious mixture of apples, raisins and, I suppose, sugar. Washed down with a café au lait, I was ready for the day.

 (On the French TV: the Cleveland kidnappings and the New Orleans massacre. Makes ya proud to be Amurkan, don't it?)

Returned to the room, had what was eventually a successful encounter with a French washing machine. I suppose if I had a European washer at home it might have seemed a little less intimidating, but in the end, everything got clean in two loads. And there is every chance a pair of underwear and socks will be dry enough to wear tomorrow! Life is good!

Had another delightful lunch with Carole Campbell and her son Thomas. He was interested in some computing stuff, and has some interesting ideas for phone (maybe iPad, too) apps. After a coupe of photos at the restaurant we hiked to a pretty place called the Pavillion de Vendôme. The little scandal was that Good King René stashed his mistress there at one time, back when that place was quite well away from  town. Anyway, it's a beautiful place to stash a mistress or spend an afternoon in the sunshine.

Walked around a bit there, paid a modest € 3.50 to see the art exhibitions in display, and meandered back to the room. Did emails and the like for a couple of hours, then dinner time. Dinner was OK but nothing to write home (or blog) about. There was an elderly couple sitting across from me that I didn't speak to, but was charmed by. (Take THAT, grammar people!) I couldn't see his face, but she was animated, smiling and laughing, they were talking to each other - what one always wishes, growing old with someone you love.

And that's another day, more adventures in a foreign land. And three more weeks to come!

Adieu for now!