Today was the first of a several-day forecast of rain showers and low-60s temperatures. This forecast kept me inside for much of the day but I did manage to get out for three meals. I stopped by a couple of take-away places to get sustinance in case I was rained in.

 Second breakfast at an English bookstore-and-café, where the books take precedence, but the café is quite pleasant. A cinnamon-and-raisin scone and a café au lait are my starters for the day, and they're [ahem] Aix-cellent! Got a little wet in the shower passing by, but my "travel jacket", an LL Bean invention that's a tan blazer with lots of pockets, almost shakes off the wet, dries perfectly, and continues to look good even after being worn more or less continuously since May 4.

The skies looked somewhat promising in the afternoon so I ventured out for a walk, and went on a planned route, referring only rarely to the map I carry everywhere. The route back was also fairly well-plotted, and except for the last half-kilometer or so, went exactly as planned. I am happy to be familiar enough with the city that I can always find the Cours Mirabeau, and from there, the gelato place home.

Had a brief rain delay in leaving for dinner, but finally got out. A repeat visit to an Italian place where I had a mediocre veal marsalla with an excellent side dish of spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, wonderful little rolls (petits pains) and, of course a demi-liter de vin rosé. Then home again accompanied by another light rain shower.

Life is good.

Not many photos today.