Today was cool - around 60 - and rainy most of the day. I did manage to get out for breakfast, lunch and dinner without getting more than a passing sprinkle, but it was not a day for excursions of hours' durations. As was once said (by Pierre Salinger during the Kennedy administration, when asked if he would join a 50-mile hike), "I may be plucky, but I'm not stupid."

Consequently, there isn't much to report. I did speak with an Englishman who lives in Paris but had also lived in the US for a few years. He let me pet his dog in the restaurant where I had lunch. Dogs, it seems, are welcomed in resaurants here. This place was improbably named "Hippopotamus", which I understand is a chain in France. At dinner, sat next to a couple from San Luis Obispo, CA. Americans and English ex-pats are everywhere!

Dinner is maybe worth a mention. I returned to Le Grillon, where I had lunch with Carole and son Monday. I innocently ordered a "Club Sandwich", only mildly curious as to why there would also be listed a "Small Club Sandwich".

It was clear that the non-small version was meant to feed roughly four people, as it consisted of a tower of eight or so slices of toast, with a sandwich filling between each pair. The filling was pieces of chicken, a very tasty bacon, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes and a spread of mayonnaise mixed with shredded lettuce. Heroically, I peeled off layer after layer and, in the European fashon, cut off and ate bite-sized pieces, until the tower was gone. Will have to do a lot of walking tomorrow and maybe Saturday to work off that meal.

Listening to the rain on the skylights - reminds me of home!

Sadly, no photos today.

A demain!