The day started with a dash through a passing shower to breakfast and ended with brilliant sunshine. After dark a delightful Moroccan dinner with two lovely companions.



After breakfast, the shower had passed, so time to walk. I found the Natural History Museum of Aix, which, though small, was very engaging. There was a fixed exhibit showing many dinosaur bones that had been found in this area, and reconstructions of the creatures that owned the bones originally. Photos included - see below.

There was also an exhibit about the Japanese fascination with insects, including, of course, silkworm production. But also included were stories of Japanese  capturing and keeping insects like crickets in finely constructed cages measuring a few inches on a side - simple cubical shapes through elaborate domed shapes. A charming exhibit. Since I only arrived at 11:45 a.m., and they were closed for lunch 12-1, I had to leave, but will return for another closer look, and maybe some additional photos of the insect cages. These might be of interest to younger grandkids...

Upon leaving the museum I set out to find the "Food Court" plaza mentioned earlier. This site is actually Le Forum des Cardeurs - a cardeur being one who "cards" wool, for example, to prepare it for weaving: cleaning it of debris, disentangling etc. Once there I chose a Cambodian restaurant and had a "Plat de Maison" which had a bowl of orieltal broth in which pieces of fresh salmon had been cooked, a scoop of jasmine rice, another scoop of shredded carrots with a sweet-spicy dressing, and a couple of brochettes (small kebobs) of good-quality beef with intense ginger flavoring. Excellent!

Back to the room to read and nap, then out again for a little gelato on the Cours, another walking exploration, and home at 6. Vivien had to meet with Carole to discuss business, and said she'd call later to see if I wanted to go to dinner. So a couple of hourssorting and upoading today's photos.

At around 8, Vivien called and I walked to the Cours to meet her and Carole. We wend a few blocks beyond to find a Moroccan restaurant, which was quite large, and had outdoor sections enclosed by Moroccan-themed tents with heaters in them. (Saw a lot of these heaters today because of the temperatures.) Had an interesting tajine - clay-pot-enclosed slow-cooked stew of a quarter chicken with pleasant spices, a cover in braised onions, cous cous, and a side dish of spicy chili paste. With a bottle of Lacoste Red, and finished with a mixed dish of Moroccan candies/pastries. Very unusual, very delicious, and quite reasonably priced. Then home to write a little, and now to bed.

And the video du jour (YouTube, about a minute long).

Bonne soirée!