A short entry today as I was mostly stuck inside because of the persistent rain. Viv worked, I surfed and read, and eventually, around 3, the new guest arrived: Kate is a nice 30-something woman from England who spent a few years as a police officer, rising to detective rank, but is now working for an organization that treats overweight kids and gets them to change their eating habits through, as she says, poven, evidence-based methods. 



Viv decided to cook dinner for the three of us, and this entailed a trip to a "supermarché" which was located in the basement of a Monoprix store around the corner on the Cours. Unfortunately, Viv just wanted to buy what she needed and get home. I say unfortunately, because of course it would have been nice to walk up and down the aisles checking out stuff. The store was crowded, and what I saw appeared to be quite interesting and reasonably priced, compared to what we pay at the local Harris-Teeter.

Anyway, home to start dinner. I made a small contribution by peeling the mushrooms. Haven't done that? Essential for the dish she was cooking, she said, so as sous-chef, followed directions as best I could. Also husked three cloves of garlic to be mashed using an ingenious ceramic dish with ceramic barbs. Going to try and bring one of these back if I can find one.

The final dish was Veau au Blanchette, veal braised in a wine broth flavored with an onion studded with ~4 whole cloves, an herb bouquet, and the garlic. After an hour or so in a pressure cooker, the dish was finished with the mushrooms sauteed in butter with drained and washed cocktail onions, and the braising liquid thickened with some flour. Served with rice and a couple of bottles of wine, bottled nearby, it was delicious.

This is being written on Sunday morning, as dinner and conversation  lasted until almost midnight and I had little inclination to write then.

Today/Sunday has been endowed with bright sunshine, and Aix beckons.

Au revoir!

PS - No photos for Saturday.