Today was a different sort of day, as Vivien had some free time and asked if I'd like to do some sightseeing in her car. If course I did, so off we went straight to Mont Victoire, which can be seen from a few spots around town (a glimpse of it appeared in an earlier photo but I can't find it right now.) The mountain was a favorite subject of Cezanne's he apparently painted 20-odd pictures of it.

Today was yet another holiday in France, so many people had flocked to the southern exposure of the mountain, which is a dramatic scarp of raw, but weathered grey rock. The parking areas, and there were many big ones, were all full and people had brought picnic (le pic-nique) lunches to enjoy the nice (if cool) weather and the presence of the mountain. 

After running along this southern view of the mountain we drove around to the northern edge and the little town of Vauvenargues where we parked and had a nice lunch (outside, of course) of the plat du jour, which was highlighted by a delicious baked stuffed chicken breast, stuffed with cheese, a little pepperoni-like sausage and some greenery and possibly mayonnaise. And some of the local rosé. Wonderful. After lunch Viv dropped me off and headed to Marsailles where she's teaching for a couple of days.

I did a light and a dark load of laundry (uneventfully, thank heavens), hung it to dry, and read a little. Went to dinner with new person Kate and had a good time, but not a good dinner. We had a couple of drinks outside on the Cours at Le Grillon, then went to a creperie she wanted to try. Edible but not great at all - soggy fries ("chips"), overcooked crepes, loud table-full of teen-age girls next to us shreiking with laughter about every 28 seconds. Oh well, better luck next time.

Then home to bed for an early night (11-ish) so I'd make it out the door in time tomorrow for the (mini-)bus tour of Cassis and Marseilles.

Au revoir!