Well, not exactly frosty, but uncomfortably cold between the temps in the mid-50s and the Mistral (a viscious wind akin to an Älberta Clipper) whistling by at 15-25mph.

I've finally relented and turned on the heat in the apartment - gas-fired hot water warming radiators. It's positively comfy here!

 Tomorrow Vivien is returning from an assignment in Marseilles, picking me up and driving to Venasque, a small town in the Luberon hills to the north. She owns a nice cottage there (see it here), and some guests there are leaving tomorrow, so she needs to go up and get the place ready for new people next week. 

Tomorrow evening she is having a pot luck dinner including some close friends from Venasque, another American, and me. My contribution will be tomato sauce for pasta which usually works well. Have no idea what the others will bring but it sounds like an interesting evening.

Shopping for the ingredients for the tomato sauce was done in the French manner: one store for the canned tomatoes (dang, should have used fresh, I guess, but would have had to simmer the sauce for a day or more), another for the fresh vegetables, still another for a couple of bottles of wine, and more than likely, another tomorrow for the herbs and the pasta (pâte, not paté). (Good wine - rosé Provençal or Côte du Rhone, costs € 6 - 8 or around $7.50-9.50 a bottle!)

The plan is to leave here around noon and come back sometime Sunday. I don't know if there is an Internet connection there so it's possible I'll be out of touch tomorrow and Sunday. But--- I WILL take lots of pictures there. It's supposed to be a delightful little town.

Today, with the wind, I ventured out very little: lunch of a nice Chef Salad  at Hippopotamus Aix (again) and a walk down the Cours at lunchtime. Fortunately(?) the Fearrington June newsletter arrived, and I took a couple of hours to convert it to web format and sent it out for review. The newsletter is short for June, which is a blessing. Had a sandwich wrap for dinner, finishing this, and going to read 'til bedtime.

That's the tale du jour. 

Au revoir!