Today I was treated to a meandering road trip from Aix to Venasque driven by Vivien's good friend Bethany. Bethany is, among other things, a business owner who conducts tours in Provençe showing the ancient history - Roman and older - that few tourists see. She is curious, able to spot a piece of pottery or a flint shard from 50 ft., always discovering and always smiling. Between Vivien and Bethany the trip to Vivien's other Provençe rental property in Venasque was entertaining, educational, scenic and a total hoot, as their commentary, serious one minute, kidding each other the next was just a lot of fun.

In Venasque, Viv had to check out her place before she'd let us into it, and in the meantime, Bethany decided to stop by the home of friends David and Karen Ku. David is a professor at Georgia Tech, and Karen is, in my opinion, a very talented artist, who's works in pen-ink-watercolor and acryllics of Provençal subjects and some abstracts, decorate their home. 

After taking up residence in Viv's place, we sort of nibbled, had some wine, and crashed around midnight. So you will see (and kindly excuse) this late posting. And since it's almost midnight again, I guess today's events and beaautiful photographs will have to wait until tomorrow.