In French, "travailler" means "to work". In English, "to travel" can also mean work if the journey is long. Vivien and Bethany decided to take me on a scenic tour on the way from Venasque, where we stayed for the weekend, to Carry le Rouet, where we spent the night in Bethany's fabulous home with her two resident cats (mother and daughter) and one itinerant cat who only comes by for meals.

First, the auto trip: setting out in late morning, we headed for Avignon, intending to make a quick drive-through. Viv and Bethany decided to take the most scenic route possible for, they said, my benefit. The route we took was indeed scenic, taking us along smaller country roads and even along what turned out to be a dirt road so seriously eroded that it was impassible without 4WD. So, made a u-turn and retraced our route for a few miles back to paved roads.

Along the way we passed through the town of Suzette. I'd love to say that's where crèpes were invented, but won't. Tried to have lunch there but, alas, so sorry, nothing can be done, the lunch hour had passed, so we moved on. (I, for one, have no concerns at all about starvation after three weeks here.)

As the day grew older, it became clear that we needed to pick up the pace if were to reach our destination before dark, so Bethany apologetically entered the Autoroute (like an Interstate) and we didn't see Avignon. (We did see signs for Avignon, but I suppose that doesn't count.)

Home that night was Bethany's place in Carry. (NC readers: Carry in France has TWO r's!) It was what one might visualize if one heard the words "villa on the sea in southern France". The photos linked below show some of this wonderful, welcoming place.

Vivien, who was stricken with strep throat in Venasque, went straight to bed after starting a course of antibiotics. Bethany put out a nice light supper of cold roast chicken we'd bought in the morning in St. Didier, salad with homemade vinaigrette, oven-french-fries (that were very good, this being France!), some French bread, and Camembert for dessert.

Bethany chose a DVD movie to watch entitled La Gloire de Mon Père, which was in French, of course. She also turned on French subtitling, so I could follow it much better. And we ate our supper watching the movie. (Did I mention there was wine!) So I dozed off and missed a part of the movie, but did get back for the ending, which was, of course, happy. Bedtime for all, as as we were very tired: Bethany from driving most of the day and me from gasping "wow" and "what a beautiful view" all day all day long.