Stayed in most of today, as the weekend was so active I needed some down time. Slipped out to retrieve a sandwich, a diet Coke (an infrequent taste - they don't appear to have Diet Pepsi here, or at least I haven't seen any). Also picked up a chocolate tart, like a little pie with a rich chocolate filling, but not pudding, more like a dense mousse. Napped and read much of the day, but went out around 5 to snag some quite good lasagna (a serving of vegetable and one of meat), and of course some wine, for Vivien and me for dinner.

Chatted with Vivien a little after dinner and learned that there are so many boulangeries (bakeries) because they are subsidized by the government, and are also regulated. For example, a baker must use only prescribed ingredients (no preservatives!) and must make the loaves on his premises or sell the leaves he personally knows were baked on his premises. Also, if someone wishes to buy a half-loaf, or a quarter, the baker is obliged to sell, at a price one-half or one-quarter of the price of a full loaf. Interesting. Imagine going to the supermarket in the US and asking for a quarter loaf of bread?

I tidied up the kitchen while Vivien, still not fully recovered from her strep throat, got ready for bed. I stayed up a bit and turned in around 11.

No photos today, but maybe a few tomorrow.

À bientôt!