Started the day at my favorite bookstore/cafe with my favorite breakfast, which the people there start preparing when I walk through the door - a nice homey feeling. Afterwards, walked up to the courthouse marché, which had expanded beyond the square to surround the large building. Did some last-minute shopping for stuff to bring home, and returned to the room to rest.

Around three I went out again. Visited a small art gallery in an old hotel just down the street, gazed around, and decided to go to Les Deux Garçons, the old (~1792) famous hangout for Cezanne, Èmile Zola and other luminaries of French arts and culture. Had a Chocolat Viennoise (don't ask). Good chocolate, but appallingly slow service, even by French standards. But now I can say I did it.

Around 7, headed to La Grange, an Italian place I've been to several times before, just across the Cours from my place, had a quite good pizza and some red wine. Service was slow because I had to sit in the far corner of their outdoor seating, being a single male and all. But as always the scenery was interesting.

Back in the room for what seems like an early evening, but I see it's 9:30 already, so early only in relation to last night's 1:00 a.m. marathon of blogging.

No photos today because I've already posted pictures of most everywhere in Aix that interests me. I don't know that there will be other photos posted, although tomorrow friend Carole is picking me up for lunch "at the mountain", which would be Mont Victoire. If the place she's chosen is on the scarp-y side, there could be some interesting shots, so stay tuned.

À demain!