A Month in Provence 2013

Aix - La Rotonde

Jim's Blog of his time in Aix-en-Provence, France during May, 2013. Time and
weather in Aix:
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Had a good night's sleep, and arose, dressed and went foraging for breakfast. An old standby from my first day here was just putting out a sinful-looking sweet pastry, sort of a croissant, but rectangular, and containing a delicious mixture of apples, raisins and, I suppose, sugar. Washed down with a café au lait, I was ready for the day.

I have been trying to snag a ticket on a half-day bus tour to Marseiles and Cassis, but have tried three times and failed. So today I went to the city bus terminal - actually just a wide street dedicated to buses a few blocks from La Rotonde - found that there's an express bus to Marseilles every five minutes(!) for € 5.20 one way. It stops a couple of times on its way out of Aix - at a college where a couple of dozen students got on, but the rest of the trip was on an Autoroute - like an Interstate. The stop in Marseilles was at the Gare St Charles, which serves as both a bus and train terminal. This modern facility makes it easy to connect to other locations in the south even mixing and matching travel modes.

Today was the first of a several-day forecast of rain showers and low-60s temperatures. This forecast kept me inside for much of the day but I did manage to get out for three meals. I stopped by a couple of take-away places to get sustinance in case I was rained in.

Today was cool - around 60 - and rainy most of the day. I did manage to get out for breakfast, lunch and dinner without getting more than a passing sprinkle, but it was not a day for excursions of hours' durations. As was once said (by Pierre Salinger during the Kennedy administration, when asked if he would join a 50-mile hike), "I may be plucky, but I'm not stupid."

The day started with a dash through a passing shower to breakfast and ended with brilliant sunshine. After dark a delightful Moroccan dinner with two lovely companions.


A short entry today as I was mostly stuck inside because of the persistent rain. Viv worked, I surfed and read, and eventually, around 3, the new guest arrived: Kate is a nice 30-something woman from England who spent a few years as a police officer, rising to detective rank, but is now working for an organization that treats overweight kids and gets them to change their eating habits through, as she says, poven, evidence-based methods. 


On Sunday things aren't open like they are on other days. For example, had to sit in a boulangerie eating a "pain au chocolat" (what some call a chocolate croissant) and café au lait rather in the cute English bookstore. And sit next to a couple of young women who were speaking American Valley Girl.