Once again, repeating its unblemished record of performance, our great nation excels in one aspect of healthcare: its cost. We spend over 50% more per capita on healthcare than the next most expensive "advanced" nation on earth. 

And once again, the United States is dead last public health in comparison with these same countries.


This enviable record is brought to you by the combined efforts of

  • President Obama ("Single-payer healthcare is off the table."),
  • The Supreme Court for holding that corporations including lobbying blocs, PACs, et al. have the same free speech rights as individuals,
  • Congress, for its craven addiction to bribes campaign donations and its fatuous claim that  bribes campaign donations have no influence on its legislative agenda, 
  • The PACS, insurers, big PHaRMA and other healthcare providers and electronic clearing houses that profit from the status quo, and
  • You who keep drinking the big-money Kool-Aid that spews from your TV night after night and makes you think the one percent's party line is sane and rational.

Yep, proud to be a Murkun.