I ran across this article from the Guardian, a British newspaper. It seems to confirm what I've come to believe: American democracy is under seige and has been for decades. The "haves", the 99% or whatever you want to call them, personified by the Koch brothers, have instituted a long-term, stealthy (by design) war on democracy, and by all measures, they are winning. Here's the link to the article:


And this is the book on which the Guardian article was based:


I just finished the book I recommend it highly to anyone who thinks the "free market" is the be-all and end-all of economics and economic politics. It is a heavily researched and footnoted, yet very readable account of how the "economic freedom" crowd is incrementally taking over the USA using diabolical strategies hatched over the past 70 years or so. The funding is largely Koch in origin. My reading staple lies in the genre of mysteries, horror and the like, but I will say that MacLean's book is the scariest thing I have ever seen.

Hey y'all frogs: enjoy the warm bath! (Reference)

Interesting that the book's author is almost a neighbor. She's the William Chafe Professor of History and Public Policy at Duke University and she lives in Durham, NC. She is speaking here in Fearrington Village on September 14 as part of the "Great Decisions" lecture series! I'll  be there "ferr sherr".

Related article (added 10/31/2018): https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/oct/30/billionaire-stealth-politics-america-100-richest-what-they-want.