A Month in Provence 2013

Aix - La Rotonde

Jim's Blog of his time in Aix-en-Provence, France during May, 2013. Time and
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The good news is that the suitcase, which managed to miss my flight from Paris to Marseilles, made it here yesterday. But (the bad news) it didn't make it until 8 p.m. local time and I was stuck in the apartment waiting for it. A  late, light supper on the pretty Cours Mirabeau and to bed at 11. With only a couple of wake-breaks of a few minutes each I slept until 11 this morning, so hope the worst of the jet lag is behind me.

Thankfully, Carole Campbell, a friend of the owner of my place, stopped by while I was out and got the hot water to working. I took advantage of it, relishing every second!

So -- the rest of the day (before returning to the pleasant surprise of hot water) was spent walking, taking pictures and eating. And now to bed.

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A half hour walk on a previous route - this time checked the map BEFORE leaving, so knew where I was for a change. Continental breakfast (café au lait, a danoisiere (flaky, buttery croissant with perhaps a plum jam inside: mmmm) and a jus à l'orange avec glace. Then wandered around for a couple of hours, returning at noon for siesta. Oh wait...

Later, that same day...

Managed to exhaust myself with two long strolls through town today. The first was described earlier. The second, for about 2½ hours, took me to the train station (so I knew I could find it), then over and around a few streets on the way back to Cours Mirabeau (CM from now on). There I rested on a bench and struck up a conversation with a retired molecular biologist from Groningen, Holland. His French wasn't as good as mine, and my English was almost as good as his. Then on the way back to my room, stopped at an Italian deli for a box of ralioli and a bottle of wine, to eat in tonight.

That's all until tomorrow, unless I think of more. Au revoir!

For the Catholic Church, apparently today is the Day of the Annunciation, so banks, the Post Offices, government offices and some other entities are closed. Fortunately, restaurants, shops and the like were open, so I have not starved. A nice, long lunch with Carole, my hot water savior, the service was good, prices reasonable, so went back for dinner, a more complex menu, but enjoyable. The Leopold Brasserie, it's called, and they were full and very busy.

Well, it wasn't a holiday so I went to the friendly local France Poste and mailed the stuff that I expected to get out long ago. Did the whole transaction in French and the clerk didn't laugh at all - very cool. Anyway for those (like young granddaughters) who might be expecting something for, say, a birthday, take heart - it's coming. I'd planned to to to the well-known Musée Granet after breakfast, but it didn't open until noon.

After spending an hour writing, I lost this - maybe clicked Cancel instead of Save. So will be brief this time, and possibly fill in tomorrow.

The morning started with an abortive attempt to get on an area tour, which was supposed to leave at 9:30 but was canceled. Had the usual croissant and café au lait breakfast at a sort of fast-croissant place in a newish shopping plaza near the Tourism Center. Afterwards, walked a little until the wind got to me.


I'd picked ip a slight cold, I think, and along with the ravages of the pollen I decided not to push myself today. It seems to have helped, as I feel some better this evening. Skipped breakfast, but lunched at a repeat restaurant called Terminus at the west end of the Cours - a quite-large salad called, inexplicably "Brick". Lots of stuff including some roasted vegetables and slices of the cheese-filled baked crèpe I've mentioned before.