For the Catholic Church, apparently today is the Day of the Annunciation, so banks, the Post Offices, government offices and some other entities are closed. Fortunately, restaurants, shops and the like were open, so I have not starved. A nice, long lunch with Carole, my hot water savior, the service was good, prices reasonable, so went back for dinner, a more complex menu, but enjoyable. The Leopold Brasserie, it's called, and they were full and very busy.

On the breakfast run I was surprised to find a merry-go-round a few hundred feet south of La Rotonde. After watching the delighted little kids for a few minutes, I was again surprised to find the CM (Cours Miribeau, you remember) hosting a market stretching the length of the street, with lots of vendors selling clothes, mainly for women and girls.For the curious, the cheapest tee shirts I saw were plain, and sold for € 4.00, or three for € 10.00. But I also saw some Name Brand tees selling for € 35-45. A Euro, according to Google, was worth $1.31 today.

(As an aside, I made an ATM withddrawal here today and SunTrust charged $1.348 per Euro plus a $5.00 fee for the ATM use. Wonder if there's a cheaper way to get Euros here....?)

Returned to the room and rested for a couple of hours until lunch. After lunch took a long, circuitous walk through the Old City north of CM. More photos taken, and returned to the room a little after 4. Uploaded stuff to the website, did a few emails, and went out for dinner around 7:30 Back around 9 to write this, and afterward, read a bit and go to bed.

Now, the part you've been waiting for. Since I had two surprises today, here are your two surprises: very short Youtube videos of the merry-go-round and  a street musician. (My camera did these.)

Bonne soirée!