The president inherited a 100-year history of the oil companies corrupting the regulators in every way they could, all in the name of "providing the nation the energy it needs". I don't blame him for anything except maybe not firing the entire Minerals Management Service instantly. Clarabell the clown could have more effectively ridden herd on the oilers.

One of my central beliefs - and I take credit for its invention - is that the amount of societal oversight and control over an enterprise should be directly proportional to the degree with which society's fate and well-being is intertwined with that of the entity in question. We have police and fire protection, because lawlessness and uncontrolled burning is incompatible with a functioning society. We regulate utilities (or used to) because we can't abide uncontrolled monopolistic prices. We used to control monopolistic behavior per se just because it so clearly led to society, or a segment, getting screwed in the butt.

Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex. The military part is unnecessarily limiting. The corporate biota has come to own the lawmakers or both major parties, and the people are tolerated only in so far as they support the corporatocracy. The country is run by puppets who are owned 100% by corporate interests, and there isn't a damn thing that will change that. After all, who could change that? The lawmakers who are solely owned corporate subsidiaries?

So if you just wrap your head around the idea that the corporations, be they BP, Goldman Sachs, or Massey (the WV coal co.) won't be deterred from doing the best they can for their bottom line, you'll be a happy camper. Don't worry, be happy. And don't expect truth, justice or accountability from anyone, pilgrim. We're screwed.